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Aug 13, 2019

Barb and Angie interview Tournament Angler Torica Whitty
Barb and Angie had the pleasure of running into an extremely passionate angler, Torica Whitty, while in Orlando and are so glad they did. What an inspiration!

Torica is a Louisiana native and a retired Army vet. She spent most of her childhood fishing, hunting, and riding motorcycles. She returned to her passion for fishing after serving in the Army and now she's amongst one of the most amazing women we've run into across making waves in the industry! 

Check out this episode and listen to her story. You won't be able to help but jump on bandwagon Torica as she paves the way for herself and other minorities in the world of fishing!

If she can do it, you can do it! Now, what's your excuse? Go get your fish on! 

Just wrapped up a great conversation with Torica Whitty!

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Full show notes at thewomanangler.con/72